Dusty Hill, Jim Lander, Gene Mayer, Billy Gibbons, Mexican Blackbird, Frank Beard, JBA, Scott Nelson.
This is a 1974 photo. We always seemed to wind up in Mexico. Most of our vans, trucks, and buses were programmed to take us there at any given moment. One night after a show in El Paso, we headed for Juarez. There was a band playing in this joint and we decided we wanted to play. We played five songs on the house band's equipment. When we finished the doorman informed us we owed a hundred bucks. Mexican rules: five dollars a piece per song.

Billy Gibbons - 1974
Billy and I would go to Mexico at the drop of a hat, any hat.  Actually what true Texan wouldn’t. This photo was taken by him and given to me as a gift. He actually fits in quite well. I do not know what he is thinking about but you can bet he is up to no good. There is a door that is blocked from view by the telephone pole on the far right of the photo that is an entrance to our secret hiding place. All I can tell you is its in Mexico.
1954 GM 4101 My first tour bus - painted Dallas Cowboy colors.  Bobby "Blue" Bland loved this bus and so did his driver, Burnett Fogg.
1965 Silver Eagle - My second tour bus - also painted Dallas Cowboy colors.   I went to Nashville in 1978 with a briefcase full of green and gave it to country singer Jack Greene for his bus.  I purchased this coach under the watchful eye of Ernest Tubb and his driver Hoot Borden after I got their seal of approval.
There was a blacksmith who was a friend of mine from Colorado City, Texas, named Roland Dossey, who taught me how to weld. He actually made a branding iron with my name. His son and I branded the side of an old outhouse behind his shop with the brand. A photo was superimposed and shaded with blue to create the first album cover.
This was taken the same day at the Cactus Cafe. This was the front door looking inside. The hat was handmade by American Hat Company for Dusty Hill and given to me as a gift one night in Mexico. I can’t remember if we were drinking.
Early one morning about 5:00am July 5th, 1974 I came through Bronte, Texas, and stopped at the Cactus Cafe for some coffee. I later wrote a song called THE CACTUS CAFE. I went back there sometime later and took this photo with the owners. It is no longer there, but it was a great old timey, small town cafe. They had great burgers and home made pies.
My original bass player, David Bentley, has a brother that was an amateur photographer at the time of this shot. I just could not believe that he was so good. I always liked this photo and added it for that reason.

Davis McLarty, JBA, Paul Culver
1974 -1975 The first date I did with a band was the Greater Southeast Music Hall in Atlanta, Ga. We were there for a week with Doc Watson. This photo is in our dressing room warming up before the next show. It was a real treat to play with Doc Watson and quite a learning experience. Me and Paul just thought we could finger pick. It was this tour that I got the idea from Doc to record THE TENNESSEE STUD.  With his blessing of course

Mark Pucci, JBA, Mexican Blackbird, The Reverend
1976 - We can not stay out of Mexico or trouble. There is a lot of culture down there. The birthplace of a lot of our song ideas.

JBA, Cal Freeman, David Bentley
We always warmed up before the show in the dressing room for sometimes an hour or so. We are back stage priming the pump.
Circa. 1974 - Billy Gibbons, JBA and Charles Harris