The 1994 ZZ TOP RECYCLER TOUR: This photo was taken in Phoenix, AZ. one afternoon. It was a major accomplishment to assemble this group. All of the trucks and coaches were matched paint jobs and looked real impressive going down the highway. And down the highway we did in fact go, about 80,000 miles of it to be exact. Who all do you recognize?

1996 Stephen Stills, JBA and Mike Finnigan
I had just finished playing with Stephen Stills for the first time. This was a dream come true for me. Stephen has always been one of my heroes and definitely had an influence on me. It was after the first Crosby, Stills, and Nash show I attended in Dallas, 1967, after hearing him play BLACK QUEEN that I wrote THE LEGEND OF JACK DIAMOND while camping in the mountains with my friend Ron Witten. I was attending the home of Mean Joe Green, North Texas State University in Denton, Texas. This is also where I met and became friends with Gary Nicholson. We saw this show together.
In 1992 Danny Darling and Paul Culver toured Europe with singer/songwriter Kevin Welch.
ln that same year Danny Darling toured Europe with Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Jimmie Dale is another fellow Lubbockite. JBA met Jimmie Dale in 1970. JBA was experimenting with guitar and harpsichord combination at the time.  Jimmie Dale was playing with the FLATLANDERS along with Joe Ely, Butch Hancock and Tony Pearson (Mary Adams'  cousin).
son Jayson, Sara McDonough, Celine, Clare (JBA'S daughter) and Bill Worrell (JBA'S longtime friend who is also a writing partner and artist)
1999 LETS KNEEL AT THE WHEEL: JBA, The Reverend, Lee Roy, and Ms. Donna (photo by Donna McKenzie)

March 1999: LAY HANDS ON THIS!

This photo was taken on Lee Roy's bus backstage in Houston- JBA, Billy G, LRP, and Steven Segal. (photo by Donna McKenzie)

January 1999: JBA'S writing partner, Bill Worrell, participated in the new Brooks and Dunn video which was shot in Tucson, AZ. I to r: Ronnie Dunn, actor, Bill Worrell.
Brooks and Dunn video shoot in Arizona. Worrell is in full costume and JBA thinks he looks normal.

JBA and the King of the Blues, B.B. King