Roadhouse News - February 2002


Lee Roy and Jay Boy with JBA Band on the George Strait Tour in San Francisco.

February 2, 2000

I have decided to write this news edition myself to express my sincere thanks to someone who continues to inspire me, and to say the least, continues to open doors for me. Lee Roy Parnell my friend. His invitation to me to sit in with he and his band three years ago was definitely the match that lit the fire which had burned out long ago. You see, I burned out about the time Lee Roy was just coming on the scene. Actually I don’t know if I should thank him or shoot him!

Lee Roy & JBA trading licks.
Lee Roy and Jay Boy 
kick off the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Jam.

This is what guitar is all about.

Since that night in San Antonio three years ago I have played countless Texas dates with Lee Roy. I have felt the live show adrenaline of fellow Texan, PAT GREEN, experienced the JAY BOY ADAMS BAND REUNION, been special guest along with Ronnie Dunn, Radney Foster, Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis at LEE ROY’S Exit Inn Nashville/Texas Party, and toured on the 1999 GEORGE STRAIT COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL TOUR, and IMUS IN THE MORNING backing up Lee Roy doing "On the Road". And now, I am going to Europe to tour with THE TEXAS TORNADOS featuring LEE ROY PARNELL. Am I fired up? Fired up would be an understatement! While checking out web pages take a look at and bring yourself up to date.

Check the home page for the European dates with JBA, The Texas Tornados and Lee Roy Parnell

Late winter of 1999 I played with Lee Roy in Wimberley, Texas. His show was an unplugged version. There were several special guests that night. Lee Roy’s brother, Rob Roy Parnell, myself, and of course Doug Sahm. After the show that night, I got to visit with Doug for about two hours. I had not seen him in years. He is everything and more that you have ever heard about Texas music. He is Texas music! And come to find out this show in Wimberly, Texas, is probably the last time Doug Sahm performed live. I was a part of that and again because of Lee Roy. Three weeks later Doug passed away. That night will remain a permanent part of my soul.

JBA and Lee Roy unplugged.
Jay Boy with Lee Roy at the Kinky Friedman "Bonefit"
at La Zona Rosa performing "On The Road."  
This performance was later shown on 
Imus in the Morning..

I actually underestimated, or maybe I just forgot if that’s possible, how much music has played a part of my life. I will say this, it is beyond me how I just walked away and never looked back. That is... until I ran into Lee Roy Parnell... again.

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